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Jan 11, 2016

How many of you would like to see your kid or nieces or nephews or even your friends kids step away from the ipads or computer games and engage in activities like robot building, science, technology, engineering, mathematics and renewable Energy. Interested?  I know I was. I like Ipads but they offer no phyisical interaction, my daughter just sits and stares at it and it offers limited sensory interaction because you can' smell or touch what you are working on or viewing.  these thoughts are very much similiar to Rana, the Founder of The Little Engineer.

Rana was an instructor in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the American University of Beirut, teaching in the Mechanical and Engineering Management Department, a mother of three kids decided to launch the Little Engineer venture in Beirut in 2009.

The Little Engineer is dedicated to educating young minds and increasing public understanding and appreciation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through interactive tailored programs. She focuses on Robotics, Renewable Energy and Environmental related sciences delivered in an easy yet very effective method with a concept of bridging the gap between theory and practice & schools and universities.  Young minds connect with a real life problem and then use the STEM theories to apply to the problem.

For her initiative and business plan, she was recognized as one of MENA's most promising entrepreneurs by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2009. She was awarded the “Coup de Coeur Femme by “Medventures” for the Mediterranean in 2010, selected the woman entrepreneur by the American Embassy to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program “IVLP” 2011, won the Cartier Women Initiative for the MENA region in 2011 and the Green Mind Award in 2012. In 2013 The little Engineer signed a strategic Partnership with Airbus Middle East to deliver regional workshop for youth .She is working hard to be a voice of change in the Arab World by investing in young minds. This is Rana, entrepreneurial journey and how she is making a difference in children's future.

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