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Jan 4, 2016

The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

How many tech women entrepreneurs do you know? How many have you read about in the news? Well surprisingly there isn't that many.  Type into Google 'Why are there not many women tech entrepreneurs' and you will be quite surprised to learn that there are quite a few articles about it.  A tech entrepreneur is someone who focuses their business on development of technology to help solve a problem. Surprisingly there are not many. So when we found Doaa in Egypt, the learning curve podcast was excited because here is a women who is by profession a software engineer AND plans to make it her mission to activate the next generation of arab women in technology - I just knew she needed to be on our show.

Doaa, is lover of the STEM curriculum. She's been passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics.  She wants to help empower more women to be in technology businesses and see them become leaders in business aswell as adding value to the economy.  

Doaa, is leading the charge on this one by creating two platforms that encourage women to become tech entrepreneurs.  She is the Founder of Arab Womenpreneurs Hub, an online hub for women entrepreneurs in the entire MENA region and Co founder of She is Back, a returnship program for women in STEM who have been disconnected from the workforce and are interested to join again.  She's definately a women on a mission and through this interview we learn about her platforms but also about her and the energy and passion behind this women who ceases every opportunity to be an advocate for the Arab women.  Watch this space because this lady is making positive changes in the MENA region.

More information and contact details for Doaa here.

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