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Jan 10, 2015

This week we continue to speak with Keith Keller. He is now well known internationally as the 'Global Twitter Marketing Specialist' and I had the honour of having him on my show. I was super excited to discuss 'feeling overwhelmed' by social media and now we are discussing the social 6. This is just AWESOME to be sharing his advise and guidance. Thanks so much Keith.

Discussion points are:-
- Before we jump into social media ask yourself do you need it;
- The advantages of social media
- He gives us some statistics on social networking global usage.
- Facebook - our largest and most well known social network
- Twitter - Fast, headlining and kind like SMS'ing for the digital world
- LinkedIn - the professional network - professionals talking to professionals
- Pinterest. The new darling of social network. A visual platform using a pin board to share and interact with friends and followers.
- Google+ the Second most popular social network after Facebook
- You Tube - the second largest search engine after Google
- Where to start when choosing a platform to focus on.
- The approach to getting the community like share and discuss your product or service and the massive importance of doing something for free. Candy Crush & the Social Media Examiner Report 2014 are the case studies for this part of the discussion.

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