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Nov 7, 2016

I remember when I started my first Facebook Group back in 2010.  I couldn't decide if I should have done a group or a Fan Page. I remember researching trying to change my group to a fan page and couldn't do it unless I started again!  anyway... 6.5 years on I'm glad I didn't.  That group I created called 'Muscat - Where can I find' (MWCIF) is now over 44,000 big and its purpose is to help people find what they are looking for in Muscat.  simple!  Since then that group concept has been replicated in a number of cities and probably by members in cities I don't even know about.  

I love Facebook Groups. I think they are just great spaces to build relationships, find answers, share with a community and feel connected.  I'm part of many Facebook Groups myself and they too have helped me learn, grow, test and discover so much new stuff I may have not have found. I love it when I find someone who has asked a similar question - it reminds me that I'm not alone.

Facebook groups can support your business objectives and can be the right choice for your business.  They are open spaces and I believe today they can create more traction than what Facebook Fan pages can because your audience choose you and identify with your key group objectives as something that could benefit them.  We all know our organic reach of our Facebook posts are really low and if we want traction we need to pay for Facebook Ads that help generate leads or sales.  This is where I think the power of Facebook Groups could come in useful for your business and maybe save you some money along the way too. So here are my 5 ways Facebook Groups can support your business objectives.  

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