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Aug 29, 2016

The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

Sahiqa is the Founder of Searchie and Searchie, a head hunter who is passionate about helping clients find a new solution to their stressful recruitment process.  She started her company back in 2014 and can be found across the globe.

What I loved most about Sahiqa was her adaptive leadership style, her being one with the goal and connecting with it to make it happen. It takes strong mindfulness and out of the box thinking to lead a team with that thinking. She very clear about her passion, her identity and who she can help.  With these grounded ideals it make the rest of her work easier. Her clients will get her and people will want to work with her.  People like to work with people who know exactly what the mission. I believe Sahiqa has done that.

By the time the interview was over, I wanted to work for Sahiqa. She has created a working environment where all her team members (who are mums, by the way) can thrive, engage and create the best people they can be. As a mum, myself I know it can be difficult to balance work and family but this team seem to be a great example of how it is possible.