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Aug 8, 2016

en Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

Carrie shares a really great overview of her business and how as she has grown, she’s become more and more clear about her purpose and her direction. Clarity and direction can sometimes really overwhelm any great business idea and so the person can be left feeling deflated or misdirected. Great ideas don’t take off because you don’t know how to level up your business idea.  Through our conversation you will hear about how Carrie identified the pain factors she solves through her business and how she spends her time serving, learning and listening to help her clients and her community unleash their inner artist  and embrace their creative interests.

To nurture, elevate and community are three words that describe what Carrie is doing.  Having these characteristics aswell as an attitude to serve first has ensured she’s been able to create better products to suit her customers and connect with them better on a personal as well as professional level.  Her business is called ‘Artist Strong’ and even that brand came from her community! 

Carrie has worked hard to create trust and authenticity in her community and she’s done this with creating strong connections with her audience. This is primary to any developing business and particularly for Carrie as it helps her build, grow and stretch her business into the platform.

I loved how Carrie articulated her story and helping us understand where she is on her entrepreneurial journey and her learning curve story. She’s a tuned in chick!

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