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Mar 28, 2016

The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

Who LOVES to be pampered?  That feeling of bliss and relaxation after you have had a great thai massage or the light and clean feeling after that facial or wax treatment.  Isn't it just wonderful?!  Well my next guest, Natalya Koroleva, is the Founder & CEO of Wellclubs, a wellness & Beauty E-Commerce Platform. They are helping you connect with your next wellness treatment easily and more efficiently.  From a customer point of you WellClubs, helps you search and find treatment you need at the time and cost you want.  From a partner point of view, her platform streamlines the business to customer connection and opens up another revenue stream.

Natalya is an ambitious, strategic entrepreneur living in Abu Dhabi. Originally from Russia, her early career was in Health Economics. Her husband was offered an opportunity in Abu Dhabi and thus she found herself wondering what she would do next.  The Entrepreneurial energy of the UAE helped fuel her own ambitions and the development of the Wellclubs concept and now is building a platform that helps customers find treatments and businesses reach out to more customers in a very competitive health and beauty industry. Her BIG vision for her business is to take it across the GCC and beyond.

In this episode we talk about the strategic development of Wellclubs, how she is on her own learning curve journey as she is learning and growing with her business within one of the MENA regions fastest growing industries

This is her learning curve story.

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