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May 15, 2017

'Do what it takes to get the job done' - this is the motto of Robyn Sokol, Managing Director of Emerald Events and Exhibitions.

I love how the driving force behind her starting her own company was her clients.  Before she got started they could see her abilities and strengths but she felt she lacked the confidence.  Today Robin is a fully fledged business owner, with some amazing events completed, works with some very prestigious brands and she can't wait for how the next years will role out!

Robin works in one of the most stressful job descriptions out there.  An event of any size has so many facets and dimensions that the potential for a failure can happen but this is where Robin thrives. She's a details person,  she loves the background operations, she's very open and connected to her clients and she loves seeing a project through to fulfilment. Yes she has days when she's deep into a project, stress levels are high and she questions her chosen career path but when it's all done and the client is more than delighted, that's when she knows she in the right career because she's always wanted to be an event's organiser.

In this episode, Robin takes us behind the scenes of her business story and the core essence of how she creates events which her clients love and want more off.  She shares her best accomplishments and her worst experience and what she learnt.  She tells us about her vision for her business and how her other motto is 'Go by instinct, live by fate'.

One of the key take aways I took from our meeting was the importance of having a vision, a template and a process.  Robin envisions the event and then works her magic with processes and a great team to create the for her client. In any business, the vision is the power house of achieving the goals and she reminded me of how important that was.  

Thank you Robin for your time, energy and insight, I love meeting people that are so passionate about what they do and you are clearly one of those ladies..... thank you!