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Mar 27, 2017

The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

I was delighted to have MC back on the show - I loved our previous discussion on Success Depends on Mastering Emotions. MC Lessard, is an Emotionologist. A specialist title that I'd only recently heard of.  When I met MC I was confused and intrigued by her title.  Why would one want to visit an Emotionologist? But the more I listened to MC it became even more clear why her expertise is so important today.    

One of the topics we spoke about was our relationship with Food and our emotions, something we are all familiar with.  MC took me an a educational and entertaining journey of getting more conscious with my eating. She introduced me to a four part strategy to help me deal with emotional eating.  I was very surprised to hear her first tip but you know what it totally made sense.  

MC really helped get some clarity around emotional eating and how our brain is very powerful at dishing out the negative thoughts when we eat emotionally but not great at sharing positive emotions when we eat.  She reminds us about a strategy she shares from her first podcast about 'parking your thought' which is very useful when it comes to mindful eating. She asks us to embrace our emotional eating moment and savor the treat - don't see it as a cheat!  She explains her logic behind this in the podcast and personally I'm fully embracing this logic.

MC introduces me to mindful eating and conscious eating. That awareness of what we are eating and how being more mindful means more emotional awareness and with that we have the foundation of emotional intelligence. A skill that  I really think is the secret to a fulfilling life! 

MC once again shared her ideas clearly and helped me understand her tips and strategies.  These strategies though are not a quick fix solution they are all part of our life journey. They need to be worked on daily and made into a habit.  If they become habit they are more likely to stick with us for the long term.

Thank you MC for your insights and wisdom - Through both our podcasts I'm more aware now that emotions and our thoughts play a huge part in how our lives play out!  We need to be continuously aware of them and questions how relevant they are in the moment!  Thank you! 


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