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Mar 6, 2017

The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

I'd like you to meet MC Lessard, an Emotionologist. A specialist title that I'd only recently heard of.  When I met MC I was confused and intrigued by her title.  Why would one want to visit an Emotionologist? But the more I listened to MC it became even more clear why her expertise is so important today.  

We are emotional beings and the way the world works today we are expected in some ways to disconnect from our emotions and just be.  Can you remember as a kid when your parents might say 'shake it off' or your buddy might say, after an emotional break up, 'get over it, move on' but its these kind of 'brush it under the carpet' attitude that means you don't deal with the emotion, it just sits there and quietly festers, waiting for you to deal with it.  That 'deal with it' moment can be totally unexpected and hit you at a time when you just don't have time to deal with it.  But I know life doesn't always work like that.  Talking with MC I discovered that we should embrace our emotional nature. Don't be scared of it or shy away from it as most of us do, but totally turn and face them. Discover what the emotion means and follow her 3 step strategy to help you move on from each emotion.  

In this interview MC helps us discover the importance of discovering our emotions and connecting to them. We are awesome at connecting with our negative emotions but what about the positive ones, how often you do you let them hang around.  She wants us to feel our emotions, express them, perceive them and learn to leverage them.

What I loved about my interview with MC was that I kind of knew what she meant but her articulation to clarify or simplify a point made getting concepts or connecting with my emotions so much easier.  I felt after this interview that I could deal with my emotions better!

Like MC I want to live to over 100 years old and she believes the secret to getting there is harnessing the power of your emotions and using them. This was a very thought provoking conversation.

Thank you MC for taking us on an emotional journey! (pardon the pun) I can see now through our conversation how powerful emotions can be and how they can dictate our success now and in the future. This is a challenge we've all accepted in our own way and I guess it is one that never has an ending because we are always embracing an emotion along our life path.  Thank you!


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