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Feb 18, 2017

'The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

I'd like you to meet Tara Rogers - Ellis - The Co-founder of Mojo PR and Board Member of Reach Mentoring. Let me start with this - I openly asked for a job after this interview.  I didn't get one and I know little about Public relations but, really, that would be a lovely company to work at. Tara and her team have such a collaborative energy that I felt completely at home there. Tara is the kind of boss I would like to have. She's been in the industry for some time and she's basically seen it all, she's calm, she's a communicator and she's a solutions person. These are, in my opinion, all the attributes of  seasoned entrepreneur.

​My greatest learning and message that I took away from my conversation with Tara was the power of giving more in value. Tara demonstrated that power when she talks about one client relationship she has in the podcast.  Value shows your commitment to your clients as well as the confidence you have in your product or services. 

​Her work with Reach Mentoring as been her outlet to develop and nurture professional women in the Middle East.  Through this non profit platform, of which she is a co-founder and board member, Reach Mentoring matches mentors and mentees and together they work towards helping the mentee achieve her career goals and objectives.  Tara shares more about how important this journey has been to her in this episode.

In this episode Tara shares more about her career from corporate to going entrepreneurial. She talks about her winning her first client and what that was like.  She shares her scariest decision and what she has learnt along the way.  She shares that belief and passion count for so much and we need to try to remember that when things get tough.  She also gives us a glimpse into her long term vision for Mojo PR and how she is driving that vision forward.

​Thank you Tara for sharing your story with us.  You shared some great advise about the power of value, commitment and learning all of which are primary to our success in what ever career choice or entrepreneurial venture we pursue. I also think you business name 'Mojo' is awesome, it suits your business style and your ethos..  Thank you!

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