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Feb 13, 2017

'The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

Meet Ayshwarya Chari - the mum business woman behind Kidore - the UAE's one stop online kids' shop where everything is under AED 100 or US$27/-.  What a refreshing business opportunity to create in an economy where we are usually flooded with high end designer brands which not all of us can afford. 

​Kidore has been very well received by the community. So much so, that Ayshwarya maintains an accessible and open communication with her customers. She's often receiving advice, ideas and feedback from her customers.  She's a leader who is right at the front setting the pace and the direction. She's keen to learn, improve and excel and be a platform that is customer focused and keen to make shopping online accessible to all. She wants all her customers to know they will be heard.  That difference will help her stand out.

​In this episode Ayshwarya share her entrepreneurial journey with us.  She shares how as a young girl she used to dress up in suit and pick up her brief case and pretend to be the boss. She'd imagine herself running a company and making decisions.  When she moved to Dubai her career choice was microbiology but there wasn't much opportunity for that so she went into banking. She loved sales and working with people.  Today she's on to her second entrepreneurial adventure and in the episode she shares her journey, her learning curve and what keeps her pushing and striving for more in her business.

​Persistence has been a core trait to help her achieve the Kidore goal. She recognizes too that as Kidore grows and more opportunities come around she will have to let go a little and this is something she says she needs to work on but that's OK, we all struggle with that. It's a nice problem to have when your business is meeting all its objectives.

Thank you Ayshwarya for sharing your journey with us. You shared some awesome knowledge nuggets and I loved the phrase JOMO - or the Joy Of Missing Out.  A phrase I'll be using when I need to stay focused and don't need to be involved with everything.  My big take away is 'be persistent and keep an eye on your goal' - that's something you have focused on and when I feel like throwing in the towel I will remind myself of this episode. Thanks Ayshwarya.

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