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Feb 6, 2017

'The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

'Your smile is a reflection of yourself, it's what people see first, why not make it part of your beauty routine' - this is what Maissa Fattal, founder of Ibtisama is sharing with us. She's building a business here in the UAE that makes us all feel great about our smile.  Her teeth whitening products are chemical free, organic and 100% safe.  Maissa recognized that there was a gap in the market for cosmetic treatment for our teeth so she has spent the last year building a business around this.  In the early days she had to spend a lot of time educating her audience that her treatment was not like going to the dentist but more like going to the spa or the beauty salon. 

​Ibtisama is the Arabic word for smile and this is part of her core philosophy for her business. She wants you to leave her outlet knowing that you have given your smile a pampering and feeling great about yourself.

​Before her venture into the cosmetic business, Maissa was a lawyer. Defending the undesirables of this world in her country of Switzerland.  She started her lawyer career at the early age of 21 and by 25 had started her own law firm.  Her legal career solidified some core skills in her and that is determination, discipline and a solutions person. She likes to face her problems face on and works hard to solve them to achieve a positive outcome for us all. 

​Maissa is a strong, focused women and her success in her first year of her business is a reflection of her keenness to follow her passion. She's been on a steep learning curve, learning all that she needs to build her business and achieve success.  As you will hear in the interview she isn't one to give up quickly.

​I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Maissa, she truly is a woman on a mission and keen to spread more smile stories to the people of the UAE. Her energy is motivated and her discipline in strong. I'm sure you will enjoy the lessons she brings to the podcast and her reminder to always challenge our own views about ourselves and our businesses.   Being humble helps us stay grounded and open.  Thanks Maissa.