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Jan 30, 2017

'The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

Meet Assia Riccio - Smith, the founder of Evolvin' Women. A platform designed to help the women of the hospitality industry connect, grow, learn and excel. A platform where knowledge experts can help the women of the hospitality industy evolve.  Assia recognized that as women in the hospitality industry climbed the ladder there was less and less of them.  She recognized there was a gap and a disconnect between women in senior hospitality positions and those in junior positions so she decided to create a space where there could be a space to exchange learning, insight, experiences and advice.  

Assia has this awesome quote which says 'if you are not sitting at the table then you will be on the menu'. Its a phrase that can reflect anyone in any industry.  She's basically saying if you are not present, focused and engaged in your company's business goals then you could miss out not only in opportunities but in personal growth and connection. 

Assia is a natural communicator and people person, I can totally see why she's found herself in the hospitality industry and nurturing people's talents and skills. Evolvin' Women is a reflection of that.  She wants women to own their development by seeking out trainers, coaches, mentors and industry experts through her platform and give them the space to connect and own their futures.  She wants women to embrace their talents and build on them.  She wants women to recognize their failures, learn from the feedback and grow.

In this episode Assia takes us on her entrepreneurial journey from career hospitality girl to a woman driving a new initiative. She gives us insight into what she has learnt and how she plans to help women own their futures and their plans to grow within the hospitality industry.  

Her bubbly personally shines through in this episode and it was a delight to share the space with a woman keen to put women firmly back at the table with the tools and techniques to help them evolve their careers. Thanks Assia.