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Jan 16, 2017

Meet Warsha Joshi, a season entrepreneur and corporate career lady.  By the age of 26 she had two businesses. In 2010 she started her current venture, to provide Virtual Executive Assistance to regionally based consulting firms operating in the GCC.

She helps corporates and business professionals manage their administrative tasks so they can focus on their primary objectives.  Warsha is all about working smarter and through her team of virtual assistance she helps her client's achieve their goals and objectives.  

Warsha has had an amazing career. She started at 16 with her own beauty salon, she then started a beauty training institute. She then went on to work in the corporate world and quickly climbed the ladder. She returned to the entrepreneurial life to start this new venture. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs so dinner time discussion was always focused on tackling business strategy and growing their family businesses.

Warsha is a devoted team player.  She empowers her team with the tools, resources, the right mindset and strategies to help them achieve their highest performances.  Warsha can attribute a lot of her success to moulding a strong, transparent, independent and reliable team.

In this episode we discover more about Warsha and her journey. We learn more about her business and where she sees her business in 5 years. She shares her successes, her key ideas and why now she has become a coach herself to help empower more entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses.

This was very open, warm and enlightening conversations with a very inspired and positive woman. It was great to meet here, chat and also learn that she helps educate 8 orphan girls in India!! Her heart is HUGE!!  

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