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Jan 9, 2017

Ever thought about writing a blog?  Channelling your knowledge into a space for all to read?  A space to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions and help others form their opinion on a matter?  Well if you have then this might be a great place to start because Nicholla sat down with Dubai blogger, Helen Farmer - founder of the blog to learn more about her blog and what she has learnt along the way., is a blog that takes a very honest look at living, working and parenting in the UAE, covering everything from family friendly activities to real issues facing mums like us.  She been in the Middle East for ten years, working in publishing and broadcasting, and has one daughter - and another baby on the way!  The Mothership won the Time Out Dubai Kids award for Parenting Blog of 2016. Congratulations Helen! :)

So blogging, is it for you?  lets discover if it is with Helen or if you are already on the blogging journey let Helen share with you some great tips and ideas.  In this episode we spoke about her blog, where it all started, the challenges and successes she has had, how she built relationships with both her community and the brands she works with. I also discover why she called her blog, 'The Mothership'.

​Helen is great at articulating her feelings and thoughts about being a parent and mum here in Dubai.  Her blogging style is open, friendly, completely relatable and funny - all very much attributes of her personality!  Ultimately the key important ingredients in all of her blogging creations is trust, authenticity and relatability.  It's these three words that are deeply rooted in her style and personalty, thus making her a successful blogger and the three words which I truly believe are the powerhouse of blogging.

Helen was great to spend time with. I felt like I had known her for ages.  Even when we first met, we chatted like we were catching up for the two hundredth time. Over tea and spilling honey (that was funny, Helen!) we talked about loads, working our way through an array of topics and ideas.  It was truly a delight to connect and I left that conversation feeling motivated and inspired. Thanks Helen!  
​If blogging is on your agenda then have a listen to this episode and have your laptop ready to write down some key ideas to help you get started.


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