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Dec 5, 2016

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Her own adversity has made her so super aware of her own mental and phyisical being that Serene is an excellent teacher to help you push through your own personal barriers and mental restrictions we put on ourselves.  Believe me, when I say a conversation with this girl will pull you out of any 'bad day' you are having and give you that nudge to stop feeling sorry for yourself.  

Listen to Serene story and you will understand why I say that.  She's so motivating, so empathetic, so  engaged with the human spirit that I sat there lost in her conversations and at points lost where I was on my question sheet.  

Her life has been tough. She's seen cancer twice and she's only 36. She was anorexic as a young girl.  She endured self hatred and a negative family dynamic and she says she was a bully. She's been busy.

Within all of this her journey has seen her have her own mental battles to accept her past and open her eyes to a powerful and rich future.  

I initially felt really sorry for her.  What a lot for one person to go through in such a short period of time but she doesn't want my sympathy, she doesn't want the sadness, she wants energy, motivation, happiness and in her words....'suck it up buttercup......'

I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Serene - she made me feel empowered, she made me feel I could do anything and reminded me that my dreams are my gifts to myself and I should always strive for them.

Thank you Serene for sharing your story and letting us take a mini tour of your life and the lessons you have learnt.  Stay beautiful. 

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