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Oct 31, 2016

The Learning Curve Podcast - THE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

Salma and Veronique are the women behind 'The Pathway Project' a Dubai based business focused on Executive Leadership and Career Development Coaching.

Salma started The Pathway Project in 2012 and Veronique joined in 2014. They were friends first and joined forces to form a strong and dynamic partnership. Finding and choosing a business partner can be a difficult assessment but in this episode we explore their partnership to find out what worked and how they deal with difficult patches.

We also explore their unique business focus.  Both women have a passion and drive to transform individuals to performance to their highest potential by getting them to connect back to their purpose and their why within an organisation.  They are about creating courageous conversations and help people make the right decisions about their career future.

Cultural intelligence is another area they focus on.  They help individuals, businesses and large organisation become more culturally aware and we take a look at this in this episode too.  In the UAE it is not uncommon to have many different nationalities working with each other and this characteristics is going global.  Salma and Veronique themselves are products of growing up, living and working in different parts of the world so they understand the importance of connecting with people from other cultures and finding ways for them to use their differences to make a difference.

This was a very warm, open and in some areas a funny conversations taking a deeper look at their business, their accomplishments, their weaknesses and where they want to take their business next.  A big thank you to Salma and Veronique for allowing us to tap into their lessons learnt and share their knowledge and wisdom.  

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