The Learning Curve Podcast | Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

Nicholla Henderson Hall, talks to Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Speaking with ladies in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Egypt, Oman and Jordan we ask them to share their entrepreneurial journey. How they faced success and challenges in their own business, what advise and direction they offer up to more women keen to start their own business or expand their current business and where they see themselves as their businesses evolve. We are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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The Learning Curve Podcast | Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East.




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Feb 2, 2015

In this interview Karen shares her own heartfelt account of how tragedy, ambition and accountability collided in her life.   How she found she was a strong, capable woman and how sheer perseverance and discipline can make your dreams come true.  You will see what I mean as you listen. Enjoy. - See more at:

Nicholla speaks with Karen Wilmot who has worked in hospitals, clinics and communities both locally and internationally since qualifying in South Africa in 1990 as a Registered Nurse & Midwife. The majority of her nursing career was spent working in the field of women’s health, as a midwife in labor & delivery, in clinics teaching antenatal education or in the community assisting women during the postnatal period. She also worked in NICU gaining experience of working with premature babies and subsequent care of babies born early.

Karen moved to the Middle East in 2004. Following several years of working at Muscat Private Hospital in Oman, Karen realized the great need for community support, assistance and education. In 2009 she founded Pregnant in Oman ( with a vision to be recognized as the first and the best provider of continuous, holistic care for pregnant mothers and babies in Oman, offering a safe and comfortable environment where women turn to for everything related to pregnancy and childbirth.

In order to provide a holistic service, Karen qualified as a Yoga Instructor (YA 200hr YTT) and offers prenatal yoga classes in addition to the birth preparation classes for couples.

Karen is the only independent midwife offering the full range of services in Oman at present. She is the monthly guest speaker on a local radio station show called “Mums on Monday”, covering topics related to pregnancy and newborns. She writes articles for online forums “expat woman” and “the birthing site” and is quoted in several local magazines and newspapers (see below). - See more at:

Jan 28, 2015

Nicholla speaks with Ryan Hanly, co-founder of the Outbound app. An app designed to connect travellers.  Nicholla loves when she finds new techy solutions. So when she found Outbound  via a chance twitter she knew she had to find out more.  She connected with Ryan to find how this new app works and how it can help us connect while we travel and explore the world.  Living as an expat we 'get' the whole travelling thing and seeking new adventure so this was going to fit well into our community.  The great part about this app is its not just for your backpackers and solo travellers. Its about all different types of travellers and how we can find events, information and socialise with like-minded travellers. There is great functionality too with the ability to create events, explore destinations, create messages or notices and find wifi in an area.  Ryan And Mark are really looking to us (the travellers) to be the ones who help the app evolve and be the social network app for travellers so press play below and listen in. 

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Jan 14, 2015

In this interview Andrea shares her own take on her successes, challenges and what she thinks makes a successful entrepreneur. She calls herself a 'start up addict' and what she aspires to become is someone who can help others with their own visions and start up plans. You will see what I mean as you listen. 

Nicholla speaks with Andrea Martins who co-founded and is the co-author of the book Expat Confessions: 50 Answers To Your Real-Life Questions About Living Abroad. Her website attracted annual sponsorships from global companies like HSBC, Barclays Wealth, Aetna International, Clements Worldwide and SIRVA Relocation and she was a guest speaker at expat events in the United States, Mexico, The Netherlands, Morocco, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Andrea's site was acquired for an undisclosed six figure deal in April 2014

Having lived as an expat for nine years in Indonesia, Mexico and Malaysia, Andrea is now back in her home country Australia. She was a finalist in her local 2014 Business Pitch competition at the Innovation Centre at the University of the Sunshine Coast in August.

Andrea is also the founder of: Story Resumes – an innovative service to help jobseekers get noticed via eye-catching infographic, illustrated and animated video resumes; Launched and Noticed - an e-course and community to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life; and the co-founder of a new startup called Odd Jobs - designed to be an Uber for handymen. 

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Jan 13, 2015

We Speak Elaine Lindsay who is International Speaker, Trainer, Social Media & Search Consultant and a Google+ Evangelist. Elaine speaks about social & search integration. Elaine believes a solid online foundation is key to building great social proof and getting found faster in search. Elaine specializes in Google+ and all its features which are the cornerstones of your optimization online. 

She is an early adopter and a featured authority in two #1 Best Sellers 2014’s “Social Media Myths: Busted” and “Solving the Social Media Puzzle” 2012 Contributing author to Online Footprint Magazine. Business Banter Plus TV Host. A featured social media expert on CTV Mornings Ottawa, the Ambitious Entrepreneur, SocialHR Camp: Boston & Toronto, Dean of Digital Media for Social Buzz Club University and VP WBC Orleans.

Fun fact: She attended the first ever Google+ #NYC HIRL (Hangout in Real Life).

Elaine blogs, speaks, teaches, and leads with integrity, heart and soul. Elaine aspires to learn. 

Inside this Episode

  • -Tell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.  -How your particular journey into social media management become your passion? 
  • -What was the key moment you realised you had to take the plunge to become a social media consultant and speak
  • -What do you think STOPS women today from taking this entrepreneurial journey themselves?
  • -Can you give us an insight into day to day business activities? -How do you organise your day and how do you prioritize?
  • -What is the best piece of business advise you have ever been given?  And how is that working for you right now?
  • -How (if ever) did you rise above failure or struggle? What action did you take?
  • -Where do you see your online business in the next 10 years? How will they have evolved?
  • -Who is your ‘go to person, book or quote’ that gets you pumped and helps you refocus when you are feeling de-motatived or low?
  • If everything was taken away from you and you had to start again where would you start?
  • Closing question:  What would you say to those ladies out there that are on the edge of taking the plunge into being an entrepreneur?
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Jan 11, 2015



In this episode we discuss the top 5 Twitter Tips to using Twitter for if you are just getting started or just need a refresher.  Hear from Keith Keller who is in the top 1% of Twitter Gurus.
Discussion points are:- 

  • Quick brief from Keith on himself and how Twitter became his focus;
  • (link below)
  • Some statistics about Twitter and how exciting it can be.
  • Twitter tip number 1. Be a resource.
  • Twitter tip number 2. Write a strong bio.
  • Twitter tip number 3. Add a photo or company graphic.
  • Twitter tip number 4. Remember the 80/20 rule.
  • Twitter tip number 5. Share, Share, Share.

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Jan 10, 2015

This week we continue to speak with Keith Keller. He is now well known internationally as the 'Global Twitter Marketing Specialist' and I had the honour of having him on my show. I was super excited to discuss 'feeling overwhelmed' by social media and now we are discussing the social 6. This is just AWESOME to be sharing his advise and guidance. Thanks so much Keith.

Discussion points are:-
- Before we jump into social media ask yourself do you need it;
- The advantages of social media
- He gives us some statistics on social networking global usage.
- Facebook - our largest and most well known social network
- Twitter - Fast, headlining and kind like SMS'ing for the digital world
- LinkedIn - the professional network - professionals talking to professionals
- Pinterest. The new darling of social network. A visual platform using a pin board to share and interact with friends and followers.
- Google+ the Second most popular social network after Facebook
- You Tube - the second largest search engine after Google
- Where to start when choosing a platform to focus on.
- The approach to getting the community like share and discuss your product or service and the massive importance of doing something for free. Candy Crush & the Social Media Examiner Report 2014 are the case studies for this part of the discussion.

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Jan 7, 2015

This week's episode we speak with author, artist, teacher, life coach and yoga instructor Jenni Eden about her new book 'How to Plant Positivity. To sow seeds for success in 7 simple chapter'. We discuss the journey she has had to write this book and how these 7 simple steps can help you find positivity and happiness in your life.

 Podcast - Part 1

  • Jenni tells us first a little bit about herself and how moving country lead her on her own journey of discovery and exploring her passions, dreams and redefining who she was;
  • She explains the underlying life concerns we have that affect our daily lives and limit our belief and how her book gives you the strategies and tools to be the best that you can be.
  • She explains the gardening analogy theme she uses in that if your plant a seed, water it and nurture it will grow how it supposed too. But as the plant grows it will attract weeds and start to wrap itself around the plant.  In terms of our own minds these weeds represent fear and our own limiting thinking and self doubt.
  • She shares with us her 7 steps to her plan - Awareness, Growth, Developing, Sustaining, Weeding, Pruning & Fulfillment.


Podcast - Part 2


  • Jenni tell us what the BIG take away are from the book
  • Jenni reminds us people will only hear what they want to hear when they are ready.
  • Jenni shares with us that some negative thoughts could have probably been there a very long time you just haven’t been aware of it her 7 step strategy will help you miminise those limiting thoughts and help you achieve what it is that you really want.
  • She tell us about her motivation to write the book.
  • How this book has influenced the other facets of her life.
  • And if this book is part of a series or a one off and where she is headed now.

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Jan 7, 2015

Caroline Dredge & I met late last year 2013.  She has lived in Abu Dhabi for over five years providing information and financial advice. Having worked in UK Financial Services since 1996, she qualified as a Regulated Financial Adviser in February 2000,  specializing in personal financial planning advice

In this episode we discusses why it is SO important for every women to have insurance as it is an neglected area of financial planning but its time to look again.  

Discussion points are:- 
- Critical Illness, Life Insurance,

  • - Why Women Don't insure themselves 
  • - What problems you would face if you were seriously ill 
  • - We use two fictitious case studies to help illustrate the importance of insurance, what problems it eleviates & how you can organise some ASAP
  • - The action you can take now is get in to contact with Caroline and give her your

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Jan 6, 2015

Do you know what you would do if your spouse died?  Do you have a will?  Have you thought about it but not sure where to start?  In this podcast, Caroline Dredge, Senior Wealth Manager at Global Eye explains the importance of a Will when you are living in Abu Dhabi and what happens if your spouse dies.

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